Twirlygurl (twirlygurl) wrote,

I had the coolest dream the other night. I was at a swanky bar with some of the girls from work, and Brad Pitt was hanging out with us. I could tell he kind of was into me, but I was dating someone else and so was he, so I was non-chalant about it. Then, we're outside the bar and someone is trying to start trouble. This guy, trying to be all big and scary and macho, turns into a werewolf. But it's really lame, it's him but now covered in fur. I roll my eyes, and think "puh-lease" and proceed to turn into a big bad ass mofo of a werewolf, towering over everyone and feeling incredibly powerful.  Of course, everyone but Brad Pitt is freaked out and leaves. I turn back into a human and head off w/ Brad, who also happens to look just like Grimbil, and is now really into me.

Just for the record, the best part of the dream was being a werewolf, not Brad Pitt. His jaw freaks me out.

So what does that mean?
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