Twirlygurl (twirlygurl) wrote,

Saturday was spent cleaning out my closet in preparation for the big move, and also switching out my summer clothes for winter.  I now have 2 garbage bags of clothing to donate.

I am officially not allowed to buy any more dresses. My god, I have so many. I need to start wearing them more when we go out.  Granted Grimbil prefers going out to places that are ok w/ his hole-y cargo pants, but a girl can never be too dressed up, right? 

I stumbled across the dress I wore for my high school senior semi-formal. It still fits (it's made of stretchy sequined fabric), but looks a lot different - it's more about "look at those womanly curves" than "look at how skinny that girl is."  Maybe I'll wear it for this year's holiday party....
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