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So much for my new project.  We've taken the apt!

As of Nov 15 we'll be residents of a whole new part of London.  That's right, we're moving on up north, crossing the river and heading east to Bethnal Green.  The hipsters of Shoreditch (the Williamsburg of ol Blighty) will be a comfortable distance away - we can walk or cycle to see them, but they won't be on our doorsteps. 

Did I mention we're on a canal?

We're going to have the best christmas tree this year.....

The candidates on climate change

In case you are interested,

the American Bar Association Section on Environment, Energy, and Resources has posted to its website a free downloadable Podcast of the recent Quick Teleconference entitled The Presidential Candidates on Climate Change. In the Podcast, advisors to the two presidential candidates discuss their candidates' views on greenhouse gas reduction targets, carbon cap and trade legislation, international climate change negotiations, and a number of other issues as they relate to climate change, including biofuels, oil drilling, coal, nuclear power, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and fuel economy standards. You can access it at this link:

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Back after a whirlwind trip to the states, this time to Virginia for my grandmother's memorial service. Highlights include taking a boat ride around the Chesapeake just like we used to every summer when I was a kid, going to the local oyster festival and gorging on oysters that went straight from the Bay --> the campfire --> my belly, and feeling like practically everyone we ran into knew my grandparents.  My dad plans to retire in the same area, so there's a nice feeling of continuity.

In yet another display of how far the TSA goes to protect our nation's borders, they almost took away the can of pumpkin pie filling and the two cans of Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning we were bringing back. Fortunately he was a biker, and decided that since we ride too we must be good people. (We rented a harley for the weekend, so we were in our bike jackets).  I feel safer now, don't you?

on the road again

a high school friend who I recently reconnected w/ via facebook is coming for a visit at the end of October.  YAY!

and we're hopping over to Madrid for a day. YAY!

Scary stuff

The other night we were having drinks with some acquaintances in town from NYC. They're a married couple, a lot older than us, super rich, smart, and they're Republican. Registered to vote in Florida

When I walked in the bar, the conversation was already on politics, so I asked her what she thought of Sarah Palin.

"I love her!" was the response. "She's really hanging in there, fighting it out."  Seriously? I had to bite my tongue to avoid saying that she must have reallly loved Hillary.

Evidently Gov Palin is not dumber than a post, the Liberal Media  is attacking her and making her look bad. You know, like that totally aggressive  and flamingly liberal Katie Couric interview. The one where Katie gave Sarah several chances to cobble together an answer from among her babble.   Grrrr

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Friends, if you want to have babies, Europe is totally the place to do it. Somebody in my office is only working 4 days a week now b/c she has twitchy legs due to her pregnancy, and it's affecting her sleep. Who hasn't had something in their pregnancy affect their sleep? They definitely put a lot more emphasis on the life part of the work life balance over here.

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As some of you might know, I work for a financial company. One of our investment analysts recently published a piece that I thought was pretty awesome. It doesn't talk about which (if any) bank to invest in right now in order to make a buck. It dispels the urban legends around what happens to YOU if your your bank fails. Here is the main point:

The FDIC guarantees $100,000 per person per institution

Note that the figure is per person, not per account. 

So even if your bank fails, even if it's bought by another bank or taken over by the US Govt, your money under 100K is safe.  You won't have to wait 3 years to get your money; you would have immediate access to it. 

If you're lucky enough to have over $100k with one bank, putting some in another bank would be a way to hedge your bet if you're worried about your bank failing.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming....
red shoes

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last Friday was our final wedding related 'do, a party at a pub for our London crew.  We stayed out late, and then stayed in bed til 4pm the next day.  After 2 weeks of little sleep and ample drink, I really needed it.

Now I need to figure out how to occupy myself.  I'm already planning a halloween party. Halloween doesn't translate the same way over here:

TG: We're having a halloween party!
Brit: Is it a costume party?
TG: Of course it is! It's halloween!
Brit: Well, what's the theme?
TG: Um, halloween?  Just come in a costume or else I'm making you wear the flamenco get up I wore for my hen night!

I've had that conversation a surprising number of times...